We’ve just been notified that not only have we retained our carbon neutral status for another year, but we’ve also achieved a 17% reduction in intensity as well as a 10% reduction in absolute emissions – not an easy feat and one we’re proud of.

This demonstrates our commitment to constantly refining the way we work to minimise our impact on the planet and be genuinely sustainable. We monitor, review, and modify our protocols on an ongoing basis to ensure that sustainability is a factor in everything we do.

In the last year we’ve increased the electric vehicles in our fleet and overhauled the way in which we process and compact waste to increase recycling efficiency. We’ve repurposed four shipping containers to create a new CNC workshop and are currently in the process of adding a new building to our Penrith HQ to house our fitting facility – this is, like our HQ, being designed with sustainability in mind – LED lighting throughout, air filtration to reduce our reliance on gas for heating…

Mark Aston, our Managing Director, said:

“We’re proud to be leading the way in our industry. We’re doing this in a genuine way – we’re still the only carbon neutral transport branding company in the UK. It’s not completely altruistic – it makes sound business sense, especially long term. Since we started to calculate and monitor our carbon footprint in 2011 we’ve reduced it year on year and our aim is to continue to do so until we’re Net Zero.”

You can find out more about what we’ve done to become carbon neutral in accordance with PAS2060 here.

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