EV Rally

We were proud to sponsor Speedy Services at the EV Rally recently.

EV Rally (EVR) is a ‘demonstration’ of UK and Irish EV charging infrastructure, combined with clean and innovative vehicle technology. It’s to highlight the roles that EVs can play in UK and Irish fleets and that no matter what the job, there is likely an EV available that can perform the task; improving efficiency, saving money and, overall, helping to reach net zero.

EV Rally

The event saw around 50 EVs – of all four vehicle classes – travel the length of the UK & Ireland, covering over 1200 miles.

Speedy not only successfully completed the journey, but also secured second place in the efficiency challenge too!

EV Rally

They said: “We’re proud to be part of the clean energy revolution, showcasing the power of sustainable transportation. Thank you to all supporters and fellow rally participants for making this experience truly unforgettable! Together, we’re driving towards a greener future.”

From our point of view, it was great to help Speedy really look the part by wrapping their EV and providing them with branded clothing. As the UK’s only carbon neutral transport branding company, we’re keen to support companies, like ourselves, that are striving for more sustainability.

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