Despite long being established as an effective form of advertising, lots of people still ask us “What actually is vehicle wrapping?”  Well here’s your answer…

In a nutshell, vehicle wrapping is partly or fully covering a vehicle in vinyl film to change its appearance, either for advertising or aesthetics.  The vinyl film is printed with latex inks which we manufacture and convert ourselves in-house and can use to cover or ‘wrap’ any kind of vehicle; and the beauty of vehicle wraps is they can be removed cleanly and inexpensively, so the original look of your vehicle can be restored whenever you like, just by removing the vinyl film.

It’s an easy way of changing the appearance of your fleet and getting your company message out there, it tends to be more affordable than re-spraying and it’s long lasting too.

Vehicle wraps can be covered in anything from your company logo to a photograph you have taken. They can be solid colour too – so you can change the whole colour of your vehicle, just by wrapping it. In terms of your branding, we can work with your own designs or have one of our Graphic Designers create something specifically for you – whatever you need.

Our solid colour wraps last up to 10 years, while full colour digitally-printed wraps last up to seven and we offer the best warranties available in the industry.

An alternative to vehicle wrapping is branding your vehicles using cut vinyl, which is computer driven and allows the production of coloured graphics on self-adhesive vinyl.  There are hundreds of colours available including metallic and reflective finishes and cut vinyl products can last up to eight years – longer than some printed vinyl products.  Great designs and images can be achieved using several different coloured vinyls and although it’s not always as eye-catching as vehicle wrapping, cut vinyl remains a popular choice.

We have Application Centres in Cumbria, Warrington, Knutsford, and Glasgow and a nationwide network of approved Applicators – so you can come to us or we can come to you wherever you are in the UK. We can work out of hours to keep costs and downtime to a minimum and the application process is clean and swift.

Vehicle wrapping is now a vital part of company branding for businesses and it comes with a host of benefits…

Cost Effective Advertising

Vehicle advertising is a cost-effective way of raising awareness of your business and our vehicle wraps last at least five years.

Strengthening your brand identity

Vehicle wrapping and vehicle graphics are an important way of strengthening your brand identity and reinforcing your professional image. Your van, car, truck, coach, train or fleet graphics can be as understated or as spectacular as you like and we work with every single kind of vehicle. We can also look after your company signage and office interiors if you like – so everything is consistent with your brand.

Colour match your company branding

When it comes to company branding it’s important to have consistency across your business. You may have a specific RAL or Pantone colour which incorporates your company branding. We can provide you with a printed sample before any work is started on your vehicle, ensuring you maintain the correct corporate colours across your business

Protecting the paintwork of your vehicle

Your vehicles will inevitably show the signs of clocking up miles on Britain’s motorways. By wrapping your vehicle you can not only enhance your brand, but also protect your paintwork. It’s important to always use matching protective over-laminate with vehicle wraps, which extends their life and look, as well as protecting your paintwork from stone chips and minor abrasions.

Preserving the value of your vehicle / fleet

It’s usually most cost-effective to purchase a white vehicle, particularly if you have a large number to buy, then have it branded in your company style. If you spray-paint your vehicle there is a large cost associated to return it to its original white when you come to sell or return it at the end of its lease, but with vehicle wrapping you can just have the wrap removed in a matter of hours. If you choose to have your vehicle spray-painted you’ll also need to spend additional money on graphics, whereas with vehicle wrapping, it’s all done in one go.

Removability of vinyl

As long as you use high quality vehicle graphics materials and an experienced Applicator you will not have problems removing the graphics at the end of the promotion / lease period. Inferior vehicle wrapping products may look fine in the short term but they’ll give you future problems, including a lack of removability and damage to paintwork.

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