A sweet piece of work…We’ve wrapped some cute vehicles in our time but this one really does take the biscuit. Recently Our Transport Branding team was commissioned by renowned Scottish family bakery Tunnock’s to wrap a promotional vehicle for them. Our mission was to transform a Seat Leon Estate into, well, a Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer no less. 

The original colour of the car was silver, so the only wafer this to be achieved was to wrap the vehicle using our own vinyl, thus preserving the original paintwork of the car while completely changing its appearance.

Our Graphic Designers carefully crafted custom designs for a vehicle wrap to replicate the renowned red and yellow Tunnock’s branding and we then manufactured the vehicle wrap in-house at our HQ in Penrith, before our applicators fitted it to the vehicle.

Wrapping a vehicle takes precision and a meticulous attention to detail, it certainly isn’t a piece of cake (or biscuit), but the transformation took us just two days to complete from start to finish and we hope you’ll agree that the proof is in the pudding – it looks fantastic. The inside of the car isn’t five layers of wafer, four layers of caramel, fully coated in real milk chocolate unfortunately, but we still think it’s sweet.

The travelling Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer can now be seen gracing the roads of the United Kingdom and we are sure it will be making mouths water along the way. Tunnock’s are as happy with the finished result as we are, but if they ever want to restore the car back to its original look, our bespoke vehicle wrap can easily be removed and its silver paintwork remains perfectly intact.

Wrapping and branding vehicles is a specialism of ours; we design and manufacture vehicle wraps ourselves in-house and can fit them anywhere in the UK. If you too would like a bespoke vehicle wrap we’ll be happy to help (even if it isn’t as cute as this one) – just get in touch.

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