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Our sister company, One Little Bird, was commissioned by local not-for-profit organisation, Cumbrian Girls Can, to create a multi-channel campaign that would encourage, support and inspire women across Cumbria to be more active.

Film One Little Bird worked in partnership with Cumbrian Girls Can to create 12-20 mini clips, a video montage to be used within the community and on social media and a video montage aimed at stakeholders with local messages and key findings. The women featured in the film either volunteered or were recommended by others within the community. They were interviewed and all asked the same questions, they were real, unscripted and natural. One Little Bird created the concept for the films, wrote the script for the voiceover and managed the entire project from conception to completion. This included scheduling and coordinating over 100 women all over the county to be filmed, finding film locations for activities and having all participants sign consent forms. The filming took place over three days in ten locations with 20 sports/activities filmed and over 100 women met. It was not only inspirational, but also left the whole team wanting to do more for the women in Cumbria. One Little Bird sat down with the Volunteer Founder and provided Social Media Training and guidance to ensure the films got the reach they deserved.

Website One Little Bird saw the need to develop a website for Cumbrian Girls Can: a place where the films would live and also a reference point for the women of Cumbria. This is where they can find activities and be inspired on a daily basis. The website has both films, along with a selection of the mini films. There is also a section where you can read the report of all the findings they have since launching.

Screening As a ‘thank you’ to all the women that participated in the