New wall graphics for Cumberland Infirmary's Children's Ward

New wall graphics for Cumberland Infirmary’s Children’s Ward

This a project that’s very close to our hearts. We’ve been working with Cumberland Infirmary over the last year and helping to makeover the rooms in its Children’s Ward so they’re more welcoming and entertaining. We’ve completed a few so far but our work is very much ongoing and our aim is to refresh the look of the whole ward if we can.

We designed, manufactured and fitted the wall graphics you can see so that now, when kids are having things like blood tests, which can obviously be scary, they have plenty to look at and find. We wanted to do something that would provide a welcome distraction and have plenty to keep kids entertained so after much brainstorming we settled on a jungle theme, which in some rooms, even extends to the ceiling.

Many of us at Ast have kids and many of us have first hand experience of stays on this ward and other children’s wards. We’ll always be grateful to the amazing people working at Cumberland Infirmary and we’ll always remember their care. We hope this gives back a little bit.

You can find out more about the rooms and their makeovers here.

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