M-Sport unveils electrifying livery for Puma Rally1 Hybrid…We’ve been supplying M-Sport’s Ford World Rally Team for over a decade now, something we’ve always been proud of, but we are particularly proud of this project…

You may have seen in the news this week that the M-Sport Ford World Rally Team unveiled its all-new Puma Hybrid Rally1 and its electric-inspired livery at a WRC launch event in Salzburg, showing off an electrifying new look that encapsulates the energy of the team as it heads into the first round in Monte Carlo.

The striking new livery, designed by Phil Dixon at M-Sport, combines vibrant shades of purple with the team’s traditional blue palette, marking the change to hybrid with glowing bolts of colour over the body of the car.

M-Sport unveils electrifying livery for Puma Rally1 Hybrid

We manufactured the bespoke livery at our HQ in Penrith on our energy-efficient printers. The water-based Latex inks used are designed for sustainable impact, supporting M-Sport’s push towards a greener future. Our application team then assisted fitting the livery to the cars at M-Sport’s Dovenby Hall facility.

This will be a history-making season for the World Rally Championship with the introduction of plug-in hybrid Rally1 cars at the top level of the sport and it will also see Rally1 cars make the switch to sustainable fuels.  2022 marks 25 years of competing with Ford in the championship for M-Sport too, together claiming a total of seven world titles, 61 overall victories and 239 podiums.

As the World Rally Championship enters this radical period of change and M-Sport celebrates its landmark anniversary, we’d like to wish the M-Sport Ford World Rally Team all the luck in the world for this exciting and ground-breaking 2022 season.

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