Our Environmentally sound print facility… We prefer to quietly walk the walk as opposed to talking the talk when it comes to sustainability. We work hard to ensure we are mindful of the environment and operate as sustainably as possible, while maintaining high quality throughout our products and services.

Here’s an overview of the things we do at Ast to ensure our impact on the environment is as minimal as it can be…

  • We are a paperless business. All our systems – HR, Accounts and CRM – are online.
  • We use the latest energy-efficient printers and odourless prints.
  • We use water-based PVC-free Latex inks which are designed for sustainable impact. They don’t require any hazard labels in comparison to most eco-solvent, solvent, UV and UV-gel technologies, which might have several.
  • We have implemented, and now maintain, an Environmental Management System that is independently certified as compliant with ISO 14001.
  • We integrate environmental and social considerations into our procurement policies and practices. We recognise that improving our procurement performance is an ongoing process and that our suppliers, both large and small, are important partners in our journey to be more sustainable.
  • We do carbon footprint calculations annually with an aim to reduce our carbon footprint year upon year.
  • We train our team in good environmental protection practices and encourage its involvement in environmental improvement initiatives.
  • We continually monitor the environmental impact of our business activities and work to improve them on an ongoing basis.
  • We replaced paper towels with Dyson low carbon footprint hand dryers.
  • We recycle as much of our waste as we can.